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rant (part 1 Lucas and Square-enix)

here's a rant for those are willing to listen

first off, star wars was a great movie growing up too (I’m talking about when ABC had there summer showings of the trilogy). still love the originals and the story the have been spawned from it *cough*kotor but the new movie just simply sucked. their was only two things that was good that came out this shit load of money making... shits
1. Natalie Portman
2. Cartoon Network's Clone Wars (strictly action and more story telling then Lucas can ever do)
3. lady seem to have taken a liken to this Ewan character... whoever the hell he is I think he just going to make some underground pornos just like mark
4. "And it doesn't hurt the movie any that it contains the one scene that every Star Wars fan has been waiting his/her life to see: Yoda in action. However, the scene where R2D2 flies says everything you need to know about Episode 1 and 2. Namely, George didn't bother watching the first three before writing these and he didn't bother to ask anyone what they thought about it after he finished" Brian Clevinger's article

Final Fantasy (and just about most things with square-enix has been producing) has been rather half ass. XII has been said (as far as I know) to take place in a world or some place of FFTA. I thought this was the Final Fantasy series. Which bring me to the next two items, X-2 and advent children. Neither one should have been made by the creators. These idea seem great for fandom, not mass marketing... but it works in marketing like hot cakes (again back to the title of the games... these are final fantasies' of each world and sold be they have the FF title). btw, has anyone heard of Before Crisis FFVII?
FFVIII seemed rushed because of the want to make more games to make more money (sounds like the Mega Man X games). FFIX was good for hardcore fans but to childlike in the design. FFX I can't say anything because I have heard mix options on it and never played it. XI seems like Square-Enix attempts to make more money but over along time period (unlike the normal games where the sales mostly are in the first 4-6 months, MMORPG have long periods of money making time). I never played it b/c $15/month and $50 to get started plus need to either get a better computer ($100+ for a new CPU. I have a pIII motherboard that has a slot1 for cpu... which sucks ass! I had a pII cpu originally) or a new ps2 (which then would be the $100 for game and the $150 for the console and $X for the network adapter). neither is appealing. Last is my reason own person reason to hate Square-Enix, FFTA. They took my beloved FFT and made it for gba. sounds good... but mostly kids play gba (well the majority of gba owns are children) So the made it for the majority of gba owns. they took the story of a kids going to the world of FF (which is strange alone) and made it boring and not depressing at all!!! the music is always happy, colors are bright and the character "all sooo cute"! when you play only less then 1/3 is story related and the rest is mindless 'missions'... ok it time for bed for now.

thing coming up... capcom, LucasArts, and if i feel like it anime(ill promise that these will be shorter)
ok it time for bed for now.
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