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I apply!

Name: Aaron.
Age: Freshly 19.
Location: Castle Rock, Colorado.
Sex: Male.
Dork/Geek/Nerd/Loser/Dweeb and why: Hmmm. I'm going to have to go with dweeb. I'm a dork because I spend a ridiculous amount of time gaming, split about evenly between tabletop (Shadowrun and D&D), console (PS2 for RPG's mostly, occasional X-Box action for FPS's) and online PC gaming (Ragnarok Online, Gunbound). I also watch anime nonstop and listen to quite a bit of J-Rock/Pop (Nightmare, Beata, Pierrot, X Japan, Hide and the Spread Beaver, Kagerou, among others). I'm a nerd because, up until I got out of high school, I was all over the 4.3 GPA. I took Calc BC as a Sophomore and haven't taken any math classes since. I code still, but since I'm not in school it's mostly HTML ( with the occasional bit of C# or ASP to help people out. I'm a nice guy. I'll be majoring in graphic design, mostly to get the hot art chicks and the hot nerd chicks. I'm a loser because quite litteraly any time not spent gaming or at school is online. Thus, I'm a dweeb 100%.
What do you think is your best physical feature: My eyes all the way. That and I'm actually losing weight and gaining muscle! Thank God for owning a trampoline.
What do you think is your best personality feature: My biting wit? Sure. I know it isn't shining through right now (damn you, insomnia) but that's okay. I'll prove you wrong. All of you!

Pictures? Sure. One:

Sorry for the hideous quality. I just like the picture too much to not include it.

Much better picture, another one I'm not sure why I love so much. Maybe because I'm cool.

I figured I'd use this one too because it shows off my quasi-decent (read: too-sexy-to-handle) bod after about two weeks of real workouts and the simple glory of one corner of my room. Damn the man, it was before I retooled that side, but whatever; it has the Return of the King poster I got from work (at Blockbuster). That's my other dork-esque obsession: movies and their posters. Working at Blockbuster rocks in this respect. I have a bunch of awesome window clings, including X2, Underworld (horribly acted but beautifully filmed movie!) and 28 Days Later. Wah.

That's all, I guess. Love me!
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