Dorian (erifneerg) wrote in hot_losers,

Name: Dorian
Age: 19,
Location: Jenkitown (Rockledge), PA. right outside of Philly
Sex: male
Dork/Geek/Nerd/Loser/Dweeb and why:
Dork: what can be more dork-like then having Sonic the Hedgehog comics in you collection of Comics such as Amazing Spider-man, Dare Devils, and the Ultimate series and SLG comics (i really don't know of any good DC comics currently, i started reading about 3years ago. I'm open to suggestions)
Geek: Reading/studing the battle Mechanics Guide of FFT can say a lot. Trying to make a clone of the game for gba say another thing.
Nerd: I grew up with a Computer (commodore 64) in my bedroom. I'll live with them for rest of my life
What do you think is your best physical feature: I got some really tone legs from years of folk dancing... and current Karate has been helping a lot. other then that, i got a nice eye/lips I've been told
What do you think is your best personality feature:Ah... I've never was good at this because of my modesty rim shot.. seriously Kindness, sarcasm, enjoying to understand others and other stuff
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