Subatomic Brainfreeze (sbfone) wrote in hot_losers,
Subatomic Brainfreeze

wait i'm not hot though

Dork: Love videogames too much. If you ask me about one I'll start talking and then not stop for the rest of the week. I regularly visit various arcades in various places for long stretches of time on the weekends. As I ate lunch this afternoon I was quietly pondering the psychology of Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Not immune to the odd japan-cartoon.
Geek: SPECIFICALLY robot anime, SPECIFICALLY the original Gundam movie trilogy which I have a deep and ridiculous love for. I also love the toys produced by said robot anime, and my home is covered in them.
Nerd: Booksmart with minimal effort, but obscenely lazy. Been having a rough time with even the easiest bullshit classes since junior high.
Loser: The fact that I'm in community college right now nearly qualifies me.
Dweeb: I've got three. Three is good enough.
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