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Anti Star-Wars Movement [07 Aug 2005|07:41am]

Hello, I'm Howard Tuttleman. I'm from Detroit and I'm looking for like-minded people to boycott the Star-Wars movies. If I've got you, go to my web-site for more info http://www.howardtuttleman.com
For the rest of you, please just read on. This will make sense in the end and I'm sure you will agree.
You are probably ready to jump down my throat, so just calm down. I am pretty mad right now too. You see, when I was younger I never happened to catch The Star Wars like so many of you did. Sure, I was aware of it quite a bit, and had heard OF it a lot. As a kid there were plenty of times when bullys would punish me whith wiffle-bats that they pretended were light-sabers, and I would always get drafted to play a Speeder-biker or an Ewok when everyone else got to be main-characters. Obviously these things left a bad taste in my mouth about the Star Wars. I started getting my parents to buy me the action-figures and vehicles, and that brought plenty of kids over to my house, and people THOUGHT I had seen it because I had quite a collection.

So when I finally saw some of the novels at the library, I gave-in and picked up the first in the series. It completely captivated me and made me realize exactly what was going on, and I didn't even HAVE to see the movie. I moved on to the next 2 books shortly after, and now reading them has become a yearly tradition for me. I was enthralled by the Socio-Political struggles and the in-depth character building so much in fact that I began to realize something. That something truly this special would be significantly weakened by condensing them into 3 ridiculously short Hollywood-style movies. The concept of these movies is just laughable to me that they would even TRY something like this. I therefore established "The Star Wars Movie Boycott Movement".

You see, when I read the novels I have very vivid pictures of what certain space-ships, monsters or planets look like, and the best part is that I can imagine whatever actors I want playing the main-characters. I obviously imagine myself as Luke because I feel that I really capture the character well (especially in the 3rd book). My best picks for the other characters is how I visualize Han-Solo as being Patrick Swayze. He has that dashing charisma that the character MUST have. I imagine Darth-Vader's voice as this guy Lance I know who is a real bully-type just like the character. Another one I have is harder to explain but I will try. I chose my dog Morris to be Chewbacca, but now he is 8 feet tall and can stand on 2 legs. If an element of the story is too hard to imagine, that is the ONLY time I will accept an out-side influence and refer to my action-figures.

Do you see what I'm doing here? I am able to personalize the story, whereas you can only imagine it how the movie tells you it is. I can now enjoy the story far more, and on so many more levels than you can. In conclusion, I know that quite a few of you have seen these movies, so I guess it's too late for you to imagine what is actually possible. The people I am trying to get through to are the innocents that whose minds are blank at the moment like mine is lucky to still be. The answer is NO. Buy the books instead, and save yourself a ton of money in the proccess, and imagine it how YOU want to. Not greedy Hollywood movie-makers.
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rant (part 1 Lucas and Square-enix) [11 Jul 2004|06:13am]

[ mood | tired ]

here's a rant for those are willing to listen
star wars: lost in spaceCollapse )
will there be a fantasy that is truely final?Collapse )
thing coming up... capcom, LucasArts, and if i feel like it anime(ill promise that these will be shorter)
ok it time for bed for now.

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Eh. [26 May 2004|08:42pm]

Leaving, sorry, if you really care, all five "w's" are lying around. Thanks for the mammories.
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[03 May 2004|11:45am]

why the fuck is screech a reject icon

fuck you


god i hate you all
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MOD [02 May 2004|12:21am]

[ mood | lonely ]

OK welcome to our three new members! We now have TEN WHOLE MEMBERS plus our four mods.


Now everyone needs to promote to more people while this place is undead! We need to keep it this way!

And as another method of keeping it going, I'm going to start a theme week. I've decided to be selfish and/or lazy and I'm declaring this week's theme EIGHTIES since I've already started with the posting of eighties dressup. :)


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X-Posted Everywhere! [02 May 2004|12:15am]

[ mood | lonely ]

Well before I got dicked over I was ready to go to eighties night, so here's some pictures! The outfit isn't that great since I have limited clothes to deal with since spring break ended, but I swear at home this would have been the awesomest outfit EVER!

I <3 the 80'sCollapse )

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[27 Apr 2004|01:35am]

Hey guys we have a few applications so don't forget to vote!

<3 Your Mod
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[25 Apr 2004|01:50am]

Name: Dorian
Age: 19,
Location: Jenkitown (Rockledge), PA. right outside of Philly
Sex: male
Dork/Geek/Nerd/Loser/Dweeb and why:
Dork: what can be more dork-like then having Sonic the Hedgehog comics in you collection of Comics such as Amazing Spider-man, Dare Devils, and the Ultimate series and SLG comics (i really don't know of any good DC comics currently, i started reading about 3years ago. I'm open to suggestions)
Geek: Reading/studing the battle Mechanics Guide of FFT can say a lot. Trying to make a clone of the game for gba say another thing.
Nerd: I grew up with a Computer (commodore 64) in my bedroom. I'll live with them for rest of my life
What do you think is your best physical feature: I got some really tone legs from years of folk dancing... and current Karate has been helping a lot. other then that, i got a nice eye/lips I've been told
What do you think is your best personality feature:Ah... I've never was good at this because of my modesty rim shot.. seriously Kindness, sarcasm, enjoying to understand others and other stuff
( Pictures )
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[13 Apr 2004|11:33pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Try out for hotties_only


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X posted like a million times [13 Apr 2004|10:56pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Please ignore the bad hair/face day. These are terrible pictures, but I haven't posted in any of these places in a while so here are the pictures I took for plushlove.

The bunny my mommy gave me <3Collapse )

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[13 Apr 2004|10:18pm]

GUYS you have to get us some more people in here!!!!!!

<3 Krispy
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new <3 [31 Mar 2004|10:29pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name: kristen
Age: 17
Location: washington
Sex: ffeeeeemaaalleeee
Dork/Geek/Nerd/Loser/Dweeb and why: totally a loser!! I;m online all the time and if you knew me or talked to me online.. im sooo lame.. but thats why ppl love me :)
What do you think is your best physical feature: my eyes. teehee
What do you think is your best personality feature: im cute and funny and sweet :) and i have an awesome sence of humor


you know you want thisCollapse )

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MOD POST [22 Mar 2004|08:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Everyone, cheer up our mod, shadrack! He is down, and he shouldn't be!

hahaha oh man wtf is up with my eye?

And some randoms...Collapse )


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I apply! [20 Mar 2004|05:21am]

[ mood | pensive ]

You know it.Collapse )

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[19 Mar 2004|06:26pm]

the official fuck you list


seriously, i hope each and every one of you dies alone
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MOD COMMERCIAL POST [19 Mar 2004|04:47pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys try out for:

Thanks :)

But if you do...don't cause trouble!

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MOD POST [19 Mar 2004|04:13pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey there! All of you who joined but are just hanging out and haven't put in an application yet, APPLY! And EVERYONE get some more people in here!

Thanks <3

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[18 Mar 2004|08:42pm]

I need more votes here:

If there aren't anymore by tomorrow I am just letting him in since we need more members anyway!

Thanks very much <3
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accept me plz [18 Mar 2004|05:25pm]

[ mood | lazy ]


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[18 Mar 2004|08:02pm]
Name: Mike

Age: 22

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Sex: Male

Dork/Geek/Nerd/Loser/Dweeb and why: I get addicted to video games easily, and I worshipped comics in my youth. However, I'm not crazy about anime. I'm interested in science, but not so much sci-fi. I read quite a bit, everything from Vonnegut to Chomsky. I didn't see 'computer smart' anywhere on the definitions, but that is my nerdiest feature. I'm a potential dweeb, I suppose.

What do you think is your best physical feature: My eyes. Half of my friends say they're blue, half say they're green.

What do you think is your best personality feature: Musicality. I've learned to play every instrument I've ever had the opportunity to learn.

it's meCollapse )
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